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Gardening Planting Flowers

2014-06-05 00:00:00


Flower plants are planted, and the soil from the spring until October: gladioli -in the third decade of April; perennials -in late April; annuals, dahlias, cannas -in early May; bulbs and perennials -in the third week of September and early October.

annuals and perennials Seedlings planted on ridges carefully prepared using a garden shovel or a wooden peg. Rhizome perennials and dahlia tubers are planted under a shovel at a distance, to plants grown closed, but do not oppress one another. Pasteniya young seedlings are planted more densely in case lunge adults -more sparsely. Tall and bushy plants provide a large area power than a short, nekustistym. Annuals planted pieces/m2 30-50, 10-12, sredneroslye perennials, perennials larger 3 -4 per m2.

When planting flower plants should monitor the depth at which planted a particular culture. When planting perennials root collar should be at the soil surface or 2-3 cm below it. Annuals and perennials seedlings bury or planted in furrows or deeper wells to further the growth of plants, zaravnivaya grooves wells could deepen the root collar. This position protects plants from drying, freezing, uncovering the root collar. Deep planting some plants harmful, such as pions, it retards the development and flowering. Lily bulbs, tulips, hyacinths, daffodils planted at a depth of 15 -20 cm, and gladioli on 10/06/15 cm, depending on the size of the corms.

After planting, the plants watered abundantly, except onion and bulbotuberiferous. Planting should be done at night or in cloudy weather and certainly into the damp earth.

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