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Gardening Flowers Landscape design

2014-06-10 00:00:00

Landscape design

Currently, there are more than 12 thousand varieties that flower on the structure and some other features are divided into the following groups.

Tubular . For varieties of this group are characterized by the presence of a single flower on a spike and tube equal to or longer than the perianth segments. Dominated by yellow and white flowers color. There are varieties with different colored tubes and perianth segments. Varieties differ in form of a tube, time and duration of flowering, height, peduncle. In tubular daffodils bulbs more than 5 cm in diameter, most varieties breed well.

Varieties of this group are recommended for landscape design, cutting and forcing. Colouring perianth segments and crowns varied varieties occur with white perianth lobes and creamy-white crown, having corrugated and smooth edges.

Young trees heavily pruned when necessary to enhance the growth, branching and thickening bases and branches when the growth of skeletal branches does not exceed 30 cm in length growth of less than 15 cm skeletal branches are pruned to a two-year wood. Weak pruning young trees is carried out, if they want to accelerate their fruition, and when the trees have a strong annual growth of more than 50 cm.Treatment of bulimia and emotional overeating in addition to online services.

Degree cropping depends on the type of crown and subordination of the individual branches. Thus, the skeletal branches pruned weaker than grow.

In mid-crown branches on 2-3-year-olds formed new increments of different lengths, which are formed from the growth and fruiting branches twigs.

During fruiting fruit trees need pruning to maintain growth, fruiting and regulation to arrest the aging process. Perennial trees pruned when podkorachivaniyam annual increments can no longer cause an increase in growth. Such pruning is used for aging trees, as well as significant damage to low winter temperatures. On older trees with bare limbs, forks and lots of dried up branches grow back and spend poluskeletnyh renewal pruning. The year before that you need to make fertilizer and watered regularly.

Begin with a strong crop thinning crown. Cut branches that thicken it and crossed. Center conductor, boughs and their ramifications on the shortened length of 1/3-1/2. Cut 8-10-year-old trees on the growth or fat branch, keeping the shape of the crown and the subordination of the individual branches. The greatest effect of rejuvenation manifested in 4-5 years.

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