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Gardening Flowers Family sinyuhovye Polenioiiiaceae Juss

2015-09-16 00:00:00

family sinyuhovye Polenioiiiaceae Juss

Phlox Phlox L. . The genus contains 50 species. DROPS-North America. Of annuals primarily grown only Drummond phlox. Shrubs with gustovetvyaschimisya stems 20-50 cm tall Leaves oblong. Simple flowers, 1.5-2.5 cm in diameter, are collected in shields. Colouring most diverse -from white to dark red, solid or mottled with a peephole. Profuse flowering from the third decade of June until frost. Seeds ripen in August, collect them as they mature, the seeds fly away.

Propagated by seeds, they are sown in March or spies in the open ground in late April -May and pale, shoots appear on the 12th day. Dive into boxes or pots. Seedlings planted in early May. And prefers sunny areas with fertile soil. Full moderate. For better tillering spend pinched over 4-5th pair. Used on beds, flower beds, balconies.

Celosia Celosia L.. Family amaranth Aniaranthaceae Juss. The genus contains 50 species. Motherland -India. Herbaceous perennial grown as annuals but. In floriculture common two types: Celosia comb or crest, cockscomb C. cristata L., Celosia and feathery, or pyramidal S. puramidalis L..

Ts crest has fused fasciated stem 25-40 cm tall, ending massive reminiscent cockscomb inflorescence, which consists of small flowers of yellow, orange, pink, red and purple coloring. Leaves ovate-oblong, green or dark red.

Ts pyramid has direct asymphytous stem up to 60 cm, ending dense paniculate inflorescence and plenty of side shoots with yellow-orange and purple coloring.

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