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Gardening Flowers grade

2015-06-25 00:00:00

The most valuable
following classes

Goldkugel `` Goldkugel ` -Bush 70 cm high, 60 cm mametrom, semi-double blossoms terry and large, 8 cm in diameter, golden yellow;


`` `Meisterstiick`. Bush in height 50 cm, diameter of 35-45 cm large inflorescences, in cm in diameter, double and semi-double, bright orynzhevye with brown midway

`Orange Koenig` `Orange Koning`. Bush height 10 cm, diameter of 60-70 cm inflorescence double or semi-double, dense, large, 6-7 cm in diameter, bright orange shiny ;

` Radio` Radio `. Bush height of 50-60 cm, 30-40 cm in diameter and semi-double terry inflorescences, subglobose, 6-7 cm in diameter, bright orange with a yellow center;

`Risen Senseyshn` `Riesen sensation`. Bush high GOA 50-60 cm, 40-50 cm in diameter inflorescence large-Ima, double and semi-double, red-orange with yellow center;


`` `Chrysantha` , sunshine Soniieir.cliein. Shrub height 40-55 cm, diameter 86 to 50 cm inflorescences are semi-double, up to 8 cm in diameter, loose, bright canary-yellow petals on the jagged ends, slightly twisted.

Cosmos, beauty, space Cosmos. aster family Asteraceae Dum .. Rodina Mexico.

In floriculture grow two types: k doubly pinnate Cosmos bipinnata Cav. and k orange Cosmos sulphureus Cav ..

dvoyakoperistaya Cosmos with beautiful doubly pinnate, almost delicate, 1-1.5 cm, leaves and large inflorescences nemahrovymi white, pink and carmine color. It blooms from June until frost. Seeds are large, long, thin, ripen in July. Propagated by seeds, they are sown in the ground in April. Very undemanding plant that grows in any soil. Requires open sunny areas used for planting beds and shear.

Cosmos Orange with orange buds and less dissected leaves, flowering begins in July and continues until frost. Growing conditions and using the same as Cosmo dvoyakoperistoy.

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