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Propagated by seeds, sown in their boxes in April. Seedlings tolerate transplanting in open ground plants are planted in May, after the frost, in open sunny areas. Flowering occurs within 2.5-3 months after sowing. Inflorescence very long retains decorative appearance thanks to the gradual blossoming flowers from the bottom up. Autumn inflorescences are cut, dried, and its decorative stored all winter. Seeds ripen in a month after the start of flowering, they are black, shiny, round, medium size. Use on beds for group planting, borders, as pot plants.

Zinnia Zinnia. L.. Ssmeastvo Asteraceae Asteraceae Dum .. The genus comprises about 20 species. Motherland -Central America. One, perennial herbaceous plants and shrubs.

In the culture prevalent

one type -elegant zinnia Z. elegans Jacg. Annual plant with sprawling or compact bush height from 30 to 100 cm, leaves oblong-oval, opposite, sessile. Shoots and leaves pubescent, inflorescence at the top of a bush. Inflorescence -baskets, consisting of extensive reed and small tubular flowers with a diameter of 5 to 12 cm, nemahrovye, semi-double and double, white, pink, red, orange, yellow, purple coloring. It blooms from July until the first frost. Fruit -achene, large, lanceolate, dark gray-brown.

Propagated by seeds, they are sown in April in boxes. Seedlings appear on the 7th day. Seedlings dive into boxes or pots. Seedlings are planted in open ground in the second decade of May at a distance can see 20X35 sow seeds directly into the ground in early May. Plants grow better and bloom in open sunny areas. To extend the period of flowering and ornamental shrubs to improve the faded blossoms should be removed. Used on beds, ridges and shear.

eshsholtsiya Eschsholzia Cham .. poppy family Papaveraceae Juss. Homeland -North America. The genus contains 12 species. Annual herbaceous plants.

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