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Gardening Flowers Nut rod-shaped

2014-12-01 00:00:00

Nut rod-shaped
For better

decorative faded blossoms should be removed. Fruit -a rod-shaped nut. The whole plant is densely covered with bristly strips. Propagated by seeds, cuttings and possibly breeding layering. Seeds are sown in March in boxes, shoots appear on the 14th day, they dive into boxes or pots.

Seeds ripen 25-30 days after flowering and quickly showered, so collect them regularly as they mature.

Due to the abundance and duration of flowering verbena variety of color looks good on beds, balconies, perennial borders and protects the long cut a decorative look.

Carnation Dianthus L.. family Caryophyllaceae. Birthplace of the Mediterranean.

One-, two-, and sometimes perennial subshrub plants. In floriculture use of annual plants and carnation Chabot Geddeviga.

carnation Chabot D. caryophyllus var. Chabaud lioil -a kind of garden. Shrubs erect, in height from 30 to 50 cm, the leaves are small, narrow, with a waxy coating. Flowering occurs within 5-6 months. after seeding, since the mid write until frost. White, yellow, pink, red, sometimes mottled. For abundant bloom faded flowers are cut so that they do not slow down the development of the following,

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