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Gardening Flowers Thermal mode
Heat mode Receipt sufficient oxygen in the soil is regulated by maintaining the topsheet in its loose state. The carbon dioxide content in the soil increases as amended organic fertilizers.

Gardening table grapes Early Magarach
table grapes Ago Early Magarach Early Magarach Magaracha number 372. Bred in VNIIViPP "Magaraci" Madeleine Anzhevin X Sultana black. very early, high yielding variety. It ripens in mid-August.

Gardening Flowers solanaceous Solonaceae Juss
solanaceous Solonaceae Juss Petunia Petunia Juss. The genus contains 25 species. Homeland -Brazil, Argentina. At home it is a perennial plant and floriculture grown as an annual.

Gardening Site Map
Site Map Home Articles: orchard and garden Pests voschey Cabbage pests: Cabbage aphids Crucifer flea Bilan cabbage Bilan Rape Scoop cabbage Moth Sawyer Rape Pests beets and carrots: Weevils Fleas beet Aphids listochnaya beet Mole miner beet Fly beet Aphids umbrella Carrot fly Pests onions and garlic: Onion fly Hoverfly onion Tobacco thrips or onion Weevil onion Mol onion Stem nematode Pests solanaceous crops: Scoop oleracea.

Gardening Flowers Primrose kortuzovidny
Pimpernel kortuzovidny Pimpernel kortuzovidny P. cortusoides L., 40 cm high, leaves ovate, pubescent, flowers pink-purple, 2 cm in diameter, are collected in inflorescence -a rare umbrella.

Gardening Flowers Greig
Greig, its varieties and hybrids. class combines the natural diversity of tulip Greig, hybrids between them and the tulips and Kafmana Foster, as well as other garden tulips.

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