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Gardening Grapes Karaburnu
table grapes Ago Karaburnu Karaburnu. Bolgar Afuz Ali, Date de Beyrouth et al. Comes from Asia Minor. Late high yielding variety. Matures in late September.

Gardening Flowers polukustarnikovo peonies
polukustarnikovo peonies polukustarnikovo peonies have lignified shoots up to 3 cm thick and up to 2 m long, which exist 2-3 years, then die and new ones grow.

Gardening table grapes SHASLA WHITE
table grapes Ago SHASLA WHITE SHASLA WHITE Chasselas dore, Birch Plain white Dink and others. According to origin -the ancient Egyptian variety of national selection. Early high yielding variety.

Gardening Flowers Cleaning corms
Cleaning corms avoid damage by wind plant gladioli tied up to stakes. Organic fertilizers applied in the fall before deep tillage and mineral -spring rate of 15 g/m2 superphosphate, 10 -ammonium nitrate and potassium salt 10 g/m2. During the growing season 2-3 make liquid fertilizer.

Gardening table grapes Sensei
table grapes Ago Sensei Sensei Malaga. Comes from France. Middle-high-yielding variety. Matures in the third decade of September.

Gardening Flowers liquid Bordeaux
liquid Bordeaux liquid Bordeaux -one of the best remedies against fungal diseases. To apply 1% of the spraying solution. To this 5 liters of water was dissolved 100 g of copper sulfate.

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