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Gardening planting pear
Growing fruit rasteniy.Grusha PROTECTION OF DISEASES AND PESTS most common diseases and pests of pear and measures to combat them are listed in Table 4. Table 4 Diseases, Pests Signs of diseases and pests povrezhdente Activities fight Scab Vague, olive color with a velvety touch stains Collection, burning leaves and digging up the soil under the trees Spraying 3 % strength Bordeaux liquid spraying 1% Bordeaux liquid or 0.3% suspension of copper oxychloride or 0.4:% sodium polihoma The fruit rot on affected fruits have a large number of" pads ", arranged in concentric circles collection and destruction of affected fruits Spraying 1% Bordeaux liquid-tion or 0.3% suspension of copper oxychloride or with 0.4% polikarbatsinom moth Dark gray butterfly Sprinkle 2 -3 times the 0.2% solution or phosalone hlorofosom or 0.3% ethyl karbofosom with 0.3 % copper oxychloride or 0.41% and 1% polikarbatsina colloidal sulfur Jose scale, the brown mite, pear psylla Brown, flat with four pairs nog.

Gardening flowers plants with underground scaly bulb
plant with underground scaly bulb perennial herb with underground scaly bulb, which is a shortened long escape, consisting of numerous stems and fleshy scales. Roots grow from the stems. The upper part of the bulb is convex, it grows out of unbranched leafy annual escape.

Gardening Flowers
photoperiod But not all plants are equally responsive to the lack of light. On this basis they can be divided into three groups: light-loving, shade-less and more shade-tolerant.

Gardening Flowers Plant Cuttings
plants Cuttings Cuttings -the most convenient and popular method of reproduction. Stalk -is part of the stem, root or leaf, separated from the parent plant. Under favorable conditions it forms roots and developed into an independent plant.

Gardening Flowers Rot tulips
Rot tulips against botrytis tulips effective infusion of garlic. It is prepared as follows: 4 cloves garlic crushed and pour 1 liter of water. Diseased bulbs are placed in an infusion for 1 hour then cut with a knife all the rotten parts, but not more than 7h onions, slice wipe with a rag soaked in the infusion, well dry.

Gardening table grapes
table grapes Delight Salvia, sage Salvia L.. Family Labiatae Lamiaceae Lindl. Homeland -Europe, Asia, America. Genus includes about 700 species. At home -rhizomatous perennials or shrubs, two-and annuals.

Gardening Flowers Carnation Chabot
carnation Chabot Propagated by seeds and cuttings. Seeds are sown in late January -February in boxes. 6 -to 8-day shoots appear, they dive into boxes at a distance of 2X2 cm, after closing leaves again dive.

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