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Gardening Flowers Planting flowers in the ground
Planting flowers in the ground In boxes, pots, bowls poured a mixture of sod and leaf soil and sand in the ratio 1:1:1. Seeds are sown usually scattered on the thickness of the seed and watered from a small sieve.

Gardening table grapes Novoukrainskoe EARLY
table grapes Ago Novoukrainskoe EARLY Novoukrainskoe EARLY. Bred in VNIIViPP "Magaraci" Jura Uzyum XX Pearl Saba.

Gardening Flowers pests disease
Protection flower plants from pests and diseases Propagated by seeds for new varieties and vegetatively -by dividing the rhizomes.

Gardening Flowers Family Malvaceae
family Malvaceae Use in flower beds in combination with other colors later flowering, as well as shear and for planting in pots.

Gardening Flowers Family bluebells
family bluebells Propagated by seeds that are sown in May ridge. Seedlings appear on the 5th day. They dive into the ridge at a distance of 5X5 cm in August, the plants are transplanted to a permanent place on 25X30 cm distance from each other.

Gardening Flowers Florist Inventory
Inventory grower garter used to impart a stable position tall plants having a loose structure of the bush, heavy buds dahlias, chrysanthemums, delphiniums, lilies, as well as thin and weak stems sweet peas, morning glory, and others.

Gardening cherry
Growing fruit rasteniy.Chereshnya rarefied tier crown . Trees with a crown shape have bole height 60-70 cm and the trunk, which laid the lower tier of the three or four main branches of the first order.

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