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Flowers Gardening Planting bulbs
Planting bulbs Tulip bulbs are dug in late June, when the sheet has dried Ouse. Planting tulip bulbs produced in the second half of September to October 10. When tulips vase life of flowers on a plant is recommended to allow at least two leaves, to ensure the normal development of the remaining bulbs in the ground.

Gardening Worksheet care pear
Growing fruit rasteniy.Grusha Worksheet for courting pear In worksheet outlines the main activities to create highly productive plantations pears and care for them during the calendar year in home and collective gardens.

Gardening Flowers Levkoy gray
Levkoy gray prefers loamy soil fertile. Require increased soil moisture and air. Best grown in full sun. Most ornamental varieties with double flowers, but they are not tied seeds. Seeds harvested from plants with simple flowers.

Gardening Flowers Florist work schedule
work schedule grower January 1. Systematic verification and maintenance of tubers and corms stored in a vault. 2. Sowing carnation Chabot.

Gardening Seeds of Culture
berry crops zemlyanikaklubnika Garden . Strawberries multiplies mustache -long threadlike growth-shoots. To plant on his mustache were stronger prishpilivayut them to the ground.

Gardening Flowers Family sinyuhovye Polenioiiiaceae Juss
family sinyuhovye Polenioiiiaceae Juss Phlox Phlox L. . The genus contains 50 species. DROPS-North America. Of annuals primarily grown only Drummond phlox.

Gardening Grapes Italy
table grapes Ago Italy ITALY. Italian Muscat, Muscat Italy. Comes from Italy Bika X Muscat Hamburg. Yielding high-quality late variety. Matures in the third decade of September.

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