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Gardening Pest fruit crops
set of basic actions to combat pests and diseases of fruit crops Terms works Mandatory event Additional work spring before bud swelling apple and pear Removal of dead wood and cutting of dead branches Treatment of wounds, hollows, nibble caused by rodents Inspection trunks, fences and buildings to identify and destroy egg-laying, gypsy moth caterpillars and cocoons with moth Cutting and removal of twigs with eggs ringed silkworm Spraying trees, when the temperature reaches 50 C one of the compositions: and 1% sodium DINOK against scab and testicular sucker and aphids b 2% solution nitrafena against the same pests and diseases When isolation and nominating buds Spraying against scab, aphids, sucker, leaf rollers and silkworms 2% Bordeaux mixture or copper oxychloride substitutes 0.5-0.75% with the addition of 0.2% and Sevigny thiophos 0,1% Planting along the fences and in other places where pesticides are not used, nectariferous and other plants that attract beneficial insects, mustard, buckwheat, fennel, Phacelia, testes carrots Immediately after flowering Spraying against scab 1% Bordeaux mixture or copper oxychloride substitutes, Zineb, 0,5-0,75% Periodic inspection of trees and destruction of nests with caterpillars and codling moth annelid moth At the signal to start forecasting service codling moth caterpillars 10 days after the beginning of the summer Combined spraying against larvae of the codling moth, scab, leaf-eating pests and aphids: a solution of 0.1% with the addition of rogora 0.5-0.75% Zineb b solution of 0.2% with the addition of captan chlorophos or ftalana or Zineb 0,5% -0,75% Overlaying on trunks catching bands to catch moth caterpillars Within 12-14 days after the last suspension is 0.2% with the addition of ziram Sevigny 0.5 -0,75% During the summer Worms Gathering windfalls every evening After harvesting Wound Healing and sealing hollows Removal protivoplodozhorochnyh hunting zones and destruction in their tracks autumn after leaf Tying trunks of young trees or fir branches roofing for protection from rodents.

Gardening Flowers Longevity Flower
Longevity Flower Peonies grow in one place for 15-20 years, so they should be planted at a distance of 70-80 cm from each other. Durability perennial delphiniums is 8-12 years, but the normal bloom observed age five.

Flowers Gardening Fertilizer for flowers
fertilizer for flowers To create favorable treatment of air and soil is necessary to select the southern slope of the site, carry on it mulch in early spring peat, peat compost, plastic wrap, and in the hot months of mulching with sawdust, shavings, waste plastic films.

Gardening Grapes CARDINAL
table grapes Ago CARDINAL CARDINAL. Bred in the USA Flame Tokay X Alphonse Lavallée. Superearly quality grade. It ripens in mid-August. Bushes sredneroslye. Shoots ripen satisfactorily, bright brown, dark brown knots.

Gardening Grades pollinators of fruit and berries
best grades -pollinating fruit crops Apple main varieties Grades pollinators Terentievna Perry Moscow Kitaika cream Ural oil Severyanka Isayev Borovinka Ural filler Buzovyazovskoe Birsk pear Bashkir Beauty Seedling Titovka Antonovka Common Sharopay Ural winter Darling Grushovka Moscow Arcades summer Terentevka Ural oil, prize Ural gold, Solntsedar Prize-winning Anise scarlet, Antonovka Ordinary High, Kitaika dessert Borovinka, Antonivka Ordinary Anise scarlet, Borovinka Seedling Titovka, Antonivka Ordinary Bashkir handsome, anise scarlet, Bashkir handsome Antonovka Redwood, Bashkir handsome Favorite, Urals filler Ural winter, Ural filler Seedling Titovka, Antonivka Ordinary Cherry vole Polzhir Menzelinsky Zaharovskaya Late Pink Lyubskiy Menzelinsk Nadezhda Krupskaya, Nezyabkaya, Zaharovskaya Late pink Menzelinsky, Zaharovskaya Menzelinsky, Late Pink Currant Altai dessert Bashkir giant Mountain Arab Michurina Memory Komsomolskaya Large, Late of Zagorje Excellent, Mysovka, Beauty Tanning Dove Stakhanovka Altai Memory Michurina Mining, Arab Bashkir giant Arab Bashkir giant Towers, Altai dessert Strawberries Komsomolskaya Abundant Late of Zagorje Excellent Mysovka Beauty Tanning Roshchinskaya, Mysovka Mysovka, Roshchinskaya Excellent Mysovka Roshchinskaya, Mysovka Beauty Zagorje Roshchinskaya Mysovka Roshchinskaya Good cross-pollination depends on the distance at which houses pollinator.

Gardening Cherry Worksheet for courting cherry
Growing fruit rasteniy.Vishnya Cherry-skoroplodnost culture. Trees begin to bear fruit in the third to fifth year after planting. Cherry varieties depending on the nature of growth are divided on the bush and tree.

Gardening table grapes EARLY VIR
table grapes Ago EARLY VIR EARLY VIR. Display the Central Asian Experimental Station of VIR Chavush white X black Sultana. Early variety. It ripens in early September. Bushes vigorous. Vine ripen well, light brown.

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