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Gardening Cherry crown formation and pruning of trees
Growing fruit trees crown formation and pruning. The main type of crown -rounded with reduced fruiting zone, which is most convenient for harvesting. On private plots and collective gardens, where the soil is treated by hand, the crown should be formed on the lower bole 40-70 cm or without trunk with compact lower tier branches that hang down to the ground.

Gardening Flowers Flowers
Maturation flowers Propagated by seeds, sown in their boxes in April. Seedlings tolerate transplanting in open ground plants are planted in May, after the frost, in open sunny areas. Flowering occurs within 2.5-3 months after sowing.

Gardening Flowers Family iris
family Iridaceae conic, simple, various colors, with bracts, sitting at the ends of stems, mainly six petals arranged in two circles -three from the outside and three inside.

Gardening Flowers Health restoring soil
Health restoring soil Snow water favorable effect on the development of seedlings and mature plants. For this snow water heated to 50 ° C, poured into it, and the seeds are left in the water as long as it cools.

Gardening Flowers lily family
family Liliaceae Propagated by seeds and vegetatively. Seeds sown in the fall in the open ground. Grown plants bloom from seed in one year. Vegetative reproduction is carried out by dividing the bush after 3 -4 years.

Gardening Flowers Dahlia Culture
cultural Dahlia Dahlia Dahlia Cav .. aster family Asteraceae Dum .. sort unites 27 species. Motherland -the mountainous regions of Mexico, Colombia. Dahlias, common in floriculture are of hybrid origin and merged into a single view -dahlia cultural D. cultorum Thorsr.

Gardening Flowers Reproduction seeds
Reproduction seeds Marigolds have tonkolistye bushes 20-30 cm, silnovetvistye compact. Inflorescence small, consisting of one series of broad, mostly yellow reeds and small yellow or orange tubular flowers.

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