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Gardening Flowers Carpet plants
Carpet plants Bushes with thin stems, up to 60 cm Leaves lanceolate, whitish pubescence on. Inflorescence simple and double, up to 4 cm in diameter, with white, pink and purple coloring.

Gardening Flowers grade
The most valuable following classes Goldkugel `` Goldkugel ` -Bush 70 cm high, 60 cm mametrom, semi-double blossoms terry and large, 8 cm in diameter, golden yellow; Maystershtyuk `` `Meisterstiick`. Bush in height 50 cm, diameter of 35-45 cm large inflorescences, in cm in diameter, double and semi-double, bright orynzhevye with brown midway `Orange Koenig` `Orange Koning`. Bush height 10 cm, diameter of 60-70 cm inflorescence double or semi-double, dense, large, 6-7 cm in diameter, bright orange shiny ; ` Radio` Radio `. Bush height of 50-60 cm, 30-40 cm in diameter and semi-double terry inflorescences, subglobose, 6-7 cm in diameter, bright orange with a yellow center; `Risen Senseyshn` `Riesen sensation`. Bush high GOA 50-60 cm, 40-50 cm in diameter inflorescence large-Ima, double and semi-double, red-orange with yellow center; chrysanthemums `` `Chrysantha` , sunshine Soniieir.

Gardening table grapes MUSCAT YEREVAN
table grapes Ago MUSCAT YEREVAN MUSCAT YEREVAN. Bred in Armenian NIIVViP [Madeleine Anzhevin XX X Chasselas butternut Rizamat]. High-yielding medium-early ripening variety. It ripens in early September.

Gardening Flowers Plants wintering outdoors
plants overwintering outdoors With the right mix of perennials in the flower beds in the garden can provide continual blooming plants from April until late fall.

Gardening Flowers Working with pesticides
Working with pesticides Paris green mixed with a little water and triturated until a wooden stirrer creamy state, after which 5 L of water was added. Lime quenched before use in a small amount of water and poured into a solution of Paris green.

Gardening Flowers Garden daisy
Garden daisy All cultivars called "garden daisy." Peony Paeonia L.. Family Peony Paeonia-ceae L.. The genus contains 50 species. Motherland -the Northern Hemisphere. Distinguish peonies and herbaceous subshrub.

Gardening Flowers family of legumes
legume family Peas, rank Lathyrus L.. legume family Fabaceae L.. Motherland -Southern Europe, Asia Minor. 100 known species.

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