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Gardening Flowers goosefoot family
goosefoot family Propagated by seeds that are sown in late April in pots for 1-2 pcs. Seedlings appear on the 10th day. In the open ground planted in May, after the spring frosts, at a distance of 50-70 cm from each other.

Gardening Flowers ahromchat zelenotsvetnye and
fringed and zelenotsvetnye characteristic feature class is bristly fringe on the edge of tepals. Used for cutting, landscaping and forcing.

Gardening Flowers Flower plants
Flower plants Stratification -maintaining seeds at low temperature, for this, they are mixed with sand or peat, put in a basement or cellar with temperature 0-5 ° C peonies, lilies, tulips.

Gardening Flowers papaveraceous
papaveraceous The genus contains over 100 species. Motherland -Asia, Australia. Multi-, bi-and annual herbaceous plants.

Gardening Flowers figwort family
figwort family Propagated by seeds and vegetatively. Seeds are sown in late May in the open soil ridges. After 7-10 days shoots appear. Seedlings are thinned or dive at a distance of 10x10 cm transplant carries easily in any condition, even flourishing.

Gardening Flowers cornflowers
Reproduction cornflowers Mountain -rhizome perennial with simple ribbed stem 40-60 cm tall inflorescence last flowers are bright blue, medium -purple, white, blue, pink, light yellow and lavender-purple collected in the single large, up to 7 cm in diameter, baskets.

Gardening Flowers axillary shoots
axillary shoots Shelter -the protection of plants from freezing and the weakening of sharp temperature fluctuations, especially during the thaw, which alternate with frost.

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