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Gardening Flowers of the buttercup family
buttercup family Delphinium, larkspur, delphinium Delphinium L.. of the buttercup family Ranunculaceae Juss .. Rod has about 420 species. Homeland -South and North Europe, Asia, North America.

Gardening. Apple. Apple tree crowns form
Growing fruit trees Types plantations, shape crowns recommended such basic types of plants: -by silnoroslyh podprivoyah with wide aisles and forming a rounded crown; -With the interposer podprivoya dwarf and half-dwarf podprivoev narrow aisle and flat and half-plane tree crowns; -Vegetatively propagated on dwarf with narrow aisles podprivoyah, thick trees in the placement and number of round or flat crowns.

Gardening Flowers Division tuber
Division tuber tubers before planting divide, they are cut with a sharp knife into two parts so that each consisted of a piece of korneklubnya and root collar with two or three eyes.

Gardening Flowers Biennials
Biennials Use for planting on ridges as border plant, in groups and single crop. Very easily tolerate a haircut. Cineraria Cineraria L.. aster family Asteraceae Dum .. In floriculture cultured cineraria maritime or seaside ragwort.

Gardening inflorescence
inflorescence The shape and structure of inflorescences distinguish pions and hrizantemovidnye, spherical inflorescences, etc. -large flower, double, semi-double and nemahrovye from pure white to dark blue and bright red color, different shapes.

Gardening Cut Flowers sprouting terms
Abbreviations terms germination The largest seeds are divided into tiny lobelia -1 g contains up to 250 thousand units., small scented tobacco, petunia, ageratum, Antirrhinum, purslane -1 g 5 to 12.5 thousand units.

Family Gardening Flowers violet
Family violet Viola, pansy, pansy Viola L.. violet family Violaceae Batsch .. Motherland -Southern Europe. Perennial plant grown as a biennial. Bushes height 15-25 cm Stem thin polustelyuschiysya.

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